Zavok’s Latest Art House Music Video – Dedicated to Celebrating the Kim Kardashian Brand!

The Pop Music Track on the video is called sacred spiritualess and is likely to be hitting the charts any day soon! We are just in negotiations with several top female artists in regards to re-recording the vocals in order to make the song sound more hip, with it and youth orientated! Zavok’s own choice at this stage is probably Shakira but it is still very much an open book. The video has already been screened with several major networks, two of which were very excited and keen to give it’s debut screening a prime time slot, although the Fox network were a little concerned that the Apes in the video weren’t wearing clothes.

Zavok may be prepared to compromise on this issue as long as Zavok does not have to compromise their artistic credibility, Zavok is however open to the idea of a tasteful but sassy orangutan g string or slim line thong, however one of the Apes is the wrong side of thirty and may not be so keen to wear such provocative attire.

Zavok fully respects the importance for apes of a certain age to dress in a manor which is considered age appropriate, in which case Zavok and his management may suggest further compromise with a bikini wrapped around a sarong, we may also accommodate further attempts to maintain the apes modesty with the addition of baseball caps and orangutan flip flops which have to be specially made as they tend to have broader and fatter feet than most people.

As you can see it can be tricky to negotiate some of the finer points of the politics of being a successful main stream artist in the 21st century whilst maintaining ones artist and creative credibility. Zavok fully understands however that this must be balanced with peoples basic human right of never having to incur even the slightest offense during the whole of their lifetime.

Zavok does however feel that their work achieves this delicate balance and that it is generally Ape gender neutral, Ape age appropriate, mindful of spiritual and cultural Ape sensitives and generally suitable for all the family even younger members providing of course they are over the age of 21 and happen to be a species of Ape.