All of Za vok’s Paintings available for download. All rights reserved.

Abstract All A Women Needs - Cigarette And Vibrator Painting181.0 KiB106
Abstract American Gothic158.2 KiB95
Abstract Moaning Sharon - Mona Lisa Psychedelic Pastiche176.4 KiB77
All A Women Needs - Cigarette And Vibrator Painting162.3 KiB82
American Gothic Pop Art - Pastiche Painting160.0 KiB81
American Gothic Pop Impasto209.6 KiB86
Black- Octangle93.6 KiB82
Bloody Master Hitler197.6 KiB48
Buzz In Space - Vibrator Rocket Painting194.8 KiB89
Colored Sun Flowers - Vincent Van Gogh Pastiche223.0 KiB90
Donald-Trump-18184.9 KiB41
Flower Of Life 1164.2 KiB38
Flower Of Life 2162.6 KiB36
Flower Of Life Final-F1165.4 KiB38
Flower Of Life Final-F5160.3 KiB43
Flower-5162.0 KiB37
Flower-6164.9 KiB36
Flower-7175.9 KiB35
Flower-8150.4 KiB34
Flower-9163.8 KiB35
Head Of The Constitution - UK Monarchy And Government Parody196.5 KiB71
Iron Lady - Margaret Thatcher Portrait145.2 KiB71
Je Suis Un Charlie209.8 KiB66
Justin Jail - Justin Bieber Parody Portrait187.9 KiB83
Justin Jail Abstrict - Justin Bieber200.5 KiB41
Justin Jail Abstrict - Justin Bieber (2)214.5 KiB38
Kim Kardashian - The Melted Vamps121.3 KiB43
Kim Kardashian With Cat On Head181.1 KiB51
Kim Kardashian With Cat On Head 1174.1 KiB40
Kim Kardashian With Cat On Head 3161.4 KiB50
Kim Kardashian With Cat On Head 3 (2)202.5 KiB47
Kim The Bloody Vamp131.7 KiB43
Kim The Melted Vamp 2127.6 KiB48
Kim The Vamp - Kim Kardashian Parody Portrait116.1 KiB83
Master Hitler - Baby Adolf Hitler Painting173.5 KiB318
MJ-Clown - Micheal Jackson150.8 KiB40
Moaning Sharon - Mona Lisa Pastiche Painting170.3 KiB85
Mr Jefferson Triptych 1 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting186.2 KiB91
Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting172.5 KiB80
Mr Jefferson Triptych 3 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting187.8 KiB83
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-2-Theresa-Thatcher161.9 KiB45
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher200.1 KiB43
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher-1147.2 KiB42
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher-2190.3 KiB38
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher-3150.2 KiB41
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher-Mix168.8 KiB43
Mrs-Maggie-May-PM-Theresa-Thatcher-Mix 30192.4 KiB46
Planet Of The Don - Donald Trump140.4 KiB43
Planet Of The Don 2.0 - Donald Trump148.7 KiB38
Priceless Bride - Katie Price - Jordan Parody Portrait124.8 KiB93
Simon Cowell Parody194.7 KiB80
Sun Flowers211.8 KiB39
Sun Flowers 2194.3 KiB34
Sun Flowers 3208.8 KiB34
Talking Shit (2)198.3 KiB39
Talking Shit - A Turd In Front Of A Microphone173.0 KiB86
Talking Shit 2196.3 KiB47
Talking Shit 2 (2)216.0 KiB38
Talking Shit 2 S219.3 KiB46
The Abstract Scream - Edvard Munch Pastiche164.8 KiB85
The Arch Angel Of Middleshire - Beautiful Kate Middleton Painting184.4 KiB73
The Archangel Michael - Michael Jackson Painting214.7 KiB78
The Girl With The Hooped Earring - The Girl With The Pearl Earring Pastiche161.2 KiB77
The Girl With The Pearl Earring Pf5209.9 KiB55
The Girl With The Pearl Earring Pf5 (2)20.9 MiB34
The Patriotic Comrade - Kim Young Un Parody142.2 KiB79
The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle - Kim Jong Un Parody163.6 KiB100
The Peoples Angel - Princess Diana Painting190.4 KiB90
The Picture Of Kim Kardashian152.4 KiB44
The Scream Abstract - Edvard Munch Pastiche193.1 KiB70
Trumpophobia-Triptych-Donald Trump-1161.9 KiB40
Trumpophobia-Triptych-Donald Trump-2176.9 KiB42
Trumpophobia-Triptych-Donald Trump-3168.3 KiB40