All of Za vok’s Paintings available for download. All rights reserved.

Abstract All A Women Needs - Cigarette And Vibrator Painting181.0 KiB54
Abstract American Gothic158.2 KiB54
Abstract Moaning Sharon - Mona Lisa Psychedelic Pastiche176.4 KiB43
All A Women Needs - Cigarette And Vibrator Painting162.3 KiB48
American Gothic Pop Art - Pastiche Painting160.0 KiB51
American Gothic Pop Impasto209.6 KiB46
Black- Octangle93.6 KiB48
Buzz In Space - Vibrator Rocket Painting194.8 KiB53
Colored Sun Flowers - Vincent Van Gogh Pastiche223.0 KiB53
Head Of The Constitution - UK Monarchy And Government Parody196.5 KiB43
Iron Lady - Margaret Thatcher Portrait145.2 KiB42
Je Suis Un Charlie195.2 KiB26
Justin Jail - Justin Bieber Parody Portrait187.9 KiB54
Kim The Vamp - Kim Kardashian Parody Portrait116.1 KiB50
Master Hitler - Baby Adolf Hitler Painting173.5 KiB73
Moaning Sharon - Mona Lisa Pastiche Painting170.3 KiB50
Mr Jefferson Triptych 1 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting186.2 KiB50
Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting172.5 KiB48
Mr Jefferson Triptych 3 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting187.8 KiB49
Priceless Bride - Katie Price - Jordan Parody Portrait124.8 KiB54
Simon Cowell Parody194.7 KiB51
Talking Shit - A Turd In Front Of A Microphone173.0 KiB47
The Abstract Scream - Edvard Munch Pastiche164.8 KiB50
The Arch Angel Of Middleshire - Beautiful Kate Middleton Painting184.4 KiB44
The Archangel Michael - Michael Jackson Painting214.7 KiB48
The Girl With The Hooped Earring - The Girl With The Pearl Earring Pastiche161.2 KiB45
The Patriotic Comrade - Kim Young Un Parody142.2 KiB45
The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle - Kim Jong Un Parody163.6 KiB52
The Peoples Angel - Princess Diana Painting190.4 KiB52
The Scream Abstract - Edvard Munch Pastiche193.1 KiB40