The Abstract beauty of the Brilliant Comrade – Kim Jong Un ParodySlide thumbnail
Red Jack – Red Union Jack PaintingSlide thumbnail
Princess Diana – The Face of an AngelSlide thumbnail
Princess Diana – The Face of an Abstract AngelSlide thumbnail
Liberty Under Siege – Freedom of Expression PaintingSlide thumbnail
Le Moulin de la Galette – Abstract Expressionist PasticheSlide thumbnail
Jack The Rippa – A Bloody Union Jack PaintingSlide thumbnail
Dick Head – A Nude Portrait of Adolf HitlerSlide thumbnail
Crap Abstract Picture – Shit Expressionist PaintingSlide thumbnail
Blue HappinessSlide thumbnail
Another Shit Picture – A Crap PaintingSlide thumbnail
Abstract Tool – Phallic Expressionist PaintingSlide thumbnail
A Pastiche of Le Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste RenoirSlide thumbnail
Yellow HappinessSlide thumbnail
The Right to Kill – State Lethal Injection RoomSlide thumbnail
The Hell of Addiction – A Psychedelic Substance Use PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Face of an Angel – Duchess of Cambridge ParodySlide thumbnail
The Duchess of Hearts – Kate Middleton ParodySlide thumbnail
The Creation of God – A Pastiche of the Creation of AdamSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop Art – Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
All a Women Needs – Cigarette and Vibrator PaintingSlide thumbnail
Abstract Moaning Sharon – Mona Lisa Psychedelic PasticheSlide thumbnail
Abstract All a Women Needs – Cigarette and Vibrator PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Scream Abstract – Edvard Munch PasticheSlide thumbnail
The Peoples Angel – Princess Diana PaintingSlide thumbnail
The girl with the hooped earring – The Girl With The Pearl Earring PasticheSlide thumbnail
The Archangel Michael – Michael Jackson PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Arch Angel of Middleshire – Beautiful Kate Middleton PaintingSlide thumbnail
Talking Shit – A Turd in Front of a MicrophoneSlide thumbnail
Priceless Bride – Katie Price – Jordan Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 3 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 1 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Moaning Sharon – Mona Lisa Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
Master Hitler – Baby Adolf Hitler PaintingSlide thumbnail
Kim The Vamp – Kim Kardashian Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Justin Jail – Justin Bieber Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher PortraitSlide thumbnail
Head of the Constitution – UK Monarchy and Government ParodySlide thumbnail
Colored Sun Flowers – Vincent Van Gogh PasticheSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop Art – Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
Buzz In Space – Vibrator Rocket PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Patriotic Comrade – Kim Young Un ParodySlide thumbnail
The Abstract scream – Edvard Munch PasticheSlide thumbnail
Simon Cowell ParodySlide thumbnail
Je Suis Un Charlie – Hitler As Charlie ChaplinSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop ImpastoSlide thumbnail
Abstract American GothicSlide thumbnail
The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle – Kim Jong Un ParodySlide thumbnail
dick-head-a-nude-portrait-of-adolf-hitlerSlide thumbnail
abstract-monster-paintingSlide thumbnail
talking-shit-2Slide thumbnail
talking-shit-2-sSlide thumbnail
sun-flowers-2Slide thumbnail
mrs-maggie-may-pm-theresa-thatcherSlide thumbnail
kim-the-melted-vamp-2Slide thumbnail
kim-the-bloody-vampSlide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-headSlide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-3Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-3-2Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-1Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-the-melted-vampsSlide thumbnail
justin-jail-abstrict-justin-bieberSlide thumbnail
justin-jail-abstrict-justin-bieber-2Slide thumbnail
flower-9Slide thumbnail
flower-8Slide thumbnail
flower-7Slide thumbnail
flower-6Slide thumbnail
flower-5Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-final-f5Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-final-f1Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-2Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-1Slide thumbnail
bloody-master-hitlerSlide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-3Slide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-2Slide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-1Slide thumbnail
the-picture-of-kim-kardashianSlide thumbnail
planet-of-the-don-2-0-donald-trumpSlide thumbnail
planet-of-the-don-donald-trumpSlide thumbnail
mrs-maggie-may-pm-theresa-thatcher-mixSlide thumbnail
mj-clown-micheal-jacksonSlide thumbnail
je-suis-un-charlieSlide thumbnail
donald-trump-18Slide thumbnail
women-with-cat-on-headSlide thumbnail
six-inch-shooter-2Slide thumbnail
should-drs-kill-and-cure-state-lethal-injection-room-5Slide thumbnail
should-drs-kill-and-cure-state-lethal-injection-room-2Slide thumbnail
pink-pig-headedSlide thumbnail
pig-headed-blueSlide thumbnail
horse-pitSlide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-17Slide thumbnail
flying-catSlide thumbnail
duchess-with-cat-on-head-5Slide thumbnail
dick-head-2Slide thumbnail
cat-women-3Slide thumbnail
blue-pig-headedSlide thumbnail
beard-manSlide thumbnail
coming-together-will-reunite-all-of-usSlide thumbnail
the-duchess-of-cambridges-catSlide thumbnail
six-inch-shooter-4Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-8-2Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-7-2Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-10Slide thumbnail
princess-diana-the-face-of-an-angel-2Slide thumbnail
pink-pussy-cat-3Slide thumbnail
pink-pussy-catSlide thumbnail
monsterSlide thumbnail
hilldonSlide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-2Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-4Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-3Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-6Slide thumbnail
don-hill-17Slide thumbnail
abstract-painting-of-piggy-in-the-middle-2Slide thumbnail
abstract-painting-of-piggy-in-the-middle-1Slide thumbnail
the-girl-with-the-pearl-earring-pf5Slide thumbnail
trump-house-1-1Slide thumbnail
trump-house-2Slide thumbnail
trump-house-3Slide thumbnail

All of Za Vok’s Paintings available for download in HQ. All rights reserved.