Legal Torrents

The Abstract beauty of the Brilliant Comrade – Kim Jong Un ParodySlide thumbnail
Red Jack – Red Union Jack PaintingSlide thumbnail
Princess Diana – The Face of an AngelSlide thumbnail
Princess Diana – The Face of an Abstract AngelSlide thumbnail
Liberty Under Siege – Freedom of Expression PaintingSlide thumbnail
Le Moulin de la Galette – Abstract Expressionist PasticheSlide thumbnail
Jack The Rippa – A Bloody Union Jack PaintingSlide thumbnail
Dick Head – A Nude Portrait of Adolf HitlerSlide thumbnail
Crap Abstract Picture – Shit Expressionist PaintingSlide thumbnail
Blue HappinessSlide thumbnail
Another Shit Picture – A Crap PaintingSlide thumbnail
Abstract Tool – Phallic Expressionist PaintingSlide thumbnail
A Pastiche of Le Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste RenoirSlide thumbnail
Yellow HappinessSlide thumbnail
The Right to Kill – State Lethal Injection RoomSlide thumbnail
The Hell of Addiction – A Psychedelic Substance Use PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Face of an Angel – Duchess of Cambridge ParodySlide thumbnail
The Duchess of Hearts – Kate Middleton ParodySlide thumbnail
The Creation of God – A Pastiche of the Creation of AdamSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop Art – Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
All a Women Needs – Cigarette and Vibrator PaintingSlide thumbnail
Abstract Moaning Sharon – Mona Lisa Psychedelic PasticheSlide thumbnail
Abstract All a Women Needs – Cigarette and Vibrator PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Scream Abstract – Edvard Munch PasticheSlide thumbnail
The Peoples Angel – Princess Diana PaintingSlide thumbnail
The girl with the hooped earring – The Girl With The Pearl Earring PasticheSlide thumbnail
The Archangel Michael – Michael Jackson PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Arch Angel of Middleshire – Beautiful Kate Middleton PaintingSlide thumbnail
Talking Shit – A Turd in Front of a MicrophoneSlide thumbnail
Priceless Bride – Katie Price – Jordan Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 3 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Mr Jefferson Triptych 1 – Michael Jackson Portrait PaintingSlide thumbnail
Moaning Sharon – Mona Lisa Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
Master Hitler – Baby Adolf Hitler PaintingSlide thumbnail
Kim The Vamp – Kim Kardashian Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Justin Jail – Justin Bieber Parody PortraitSlide thumbnail
Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher PortraitSlide thumbnail
Head of the Constitution – UK Monarchy and Government ParodySlide thumbnail
Colored Sun Flowers – Vincent Van Gogh PasticheSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop Art – Pastiche PaintingSlide thumbnail
Buzz In Space – Vibrator Rocket PaintingSlide thumbnail
The Patriotic Comrade – Kim Young Un ParodySlide thumbnail
The Abstract scream – Edvard Munch PasticheSlide thumbnail
Simon Cowell ParodySlide thumbnail
Je Suis Un Charlie – Hitler As Charlie ChaplinSlide thumbnail
American Gothic Pop ImpastoSlide thumbnail
Abstract American GothicSlide thumbnail
The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle – Kim Jong Un ParodySlide thumbnail
dick-head-a-nude-portrait-of-adolf-hitlerSlide thumbnail
abstract-monster-paintingSlide thumbnail
talking-shit-2Slide thumbnail
talking-shit-2-sSlide thumbnail
sun-flowers-2Slide thumbnail
mrs-maggie-may-pm-theresa-thatcherSlide thumbnail
kim-the-melted-vamp-2Slide thumbnail
kim-the-bloody-vampSlide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-headSlide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-3Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-3-2Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-with-cat-on-head-1Slide thumbnail
kim-kardashian-the-melted-vampsSlide thumbnail
justin-jail-abstrict-justin-bieberSlide thumbnail
justin-jail-abstrict-justin-bieber-2Slide thumbnail
flower-9Slide thumbnail
flower-8Slide thumbnail
flower-7Slide thumbnail
flower-6Slide thumbnail
flower-5Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-final-f5Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-final-f1Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-2Slide thumbnail
flower-of-life-1Slide thumbnail
bloody-master-hitlerSlide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-3Slide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-2Slide thumbnail
trumpophobia-triptych-donald-trump-1Slide thumbnail
the-picture-of-kim-kardashianSlide thumbnail
planet-of-the-don-2-0-donald-trumpSlide thumbnail
planet-of-the-don-donald-trumpSlide thumbnail
mrs-maggie-may-pm-theresa-thatcher-mixSlide thumbnail
mj-clown-micheal-jacksonSlide thumbnail
je-suis-un-charlieSlide thumbnail
donald-trump-18Slide thumbnail
women-with-cat-on-headSlide thumbnail
six-inch-shooter-2Slide thumbnail
should-drs-kill-and-cure-state-lethal-injection-room-5Slide thumbnail
should-drs-kill-and-cure-state-lethal-injection-room-2Slide thumbnail
pink-pig-headedSlide thumbnail
pig-headed-blueSlide thumbnail
horse-pitSlide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-17Slide thumbnail
flying-catSlide thumbnail
duchess-with-cat-on-head-5Slide thumbnail
dick-head-2Slide thumbnail
cat-women-3Slide thumbnail
blue-pig-headedSlide thumbnail
beard-manSlide thumbnail
coming-together-will-reunite-all-of-usSlide thumbnail
the-duchess-of-cambridges-catSlide thumbnail
six-inch-shooter-4Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-8-2Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-7-2Slide thumbnail
simon-cat-10Slide thumbnail
princess-diana-the-face-of-an-angel-2Slide thumbnail
pink-pussy-cat-3Slide thumbnail
pink-pussy-catSlide thumbnail
monsterSlide thumbnail
hilldonSlide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-2Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-4Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-3Slide thumbnail
hillary-clinkton-goes-high-6Slide thumbnail
don-hill-17Slide thumbnail
abstract-painting-of-piggy-in-the-middle-2Slide thumbnail
abstract-painting-of-piggy-in-the-middle-1Slide thumbnail
the-girl-with-the-pearl-earring-pf5Slide thumbnail
trump-house-1-1Slide thumbnail
trump-house-2Slide thumbnail
trump-house-3Slide thumbnail

Here are my collection of 100% Legal Torrents, some are good especially the classic audio book ones but many are just public domain video type stuff much of which most people will probably find a bit naff although there are still some good ones amongst them especially for those of us who are a bit nerdy. You will need torrent downloading software like bit torrent or whatever else you prefer to use all of which you can download for free if you search online. Anyway take a look if your interested. Enjoy!