Here are my collection of 100% Legal Torrents, some are good especially the classic audio book ones but many are just public domain video type stuff much of which most people will probably find a bit naff although there are still some good ones amongst them especially for those of us who are a bit nerdy. You will need torrent downloading software like bit torrent or whatever else you prefer to use all of which you can download for free if you search online. Anyway take a look if your interested. Enjoy!

Public Domain Movies

Public Domain Audio Books

Strogoff Verne 0911 Librivox Files All19.3 KiB12
Summer Etk Librivox Files All9.6 KiB13
Sunshine Sketches Librivox Files All11.7 KiB13
Supreme Personality 0902 Librivox Files All5.3 KiB11