Justin Jail - Justin Bieber Parody Portrait

Justin Jail – Justin Bieber Parody Portrait.

A Poem about Justin Bieber

You are going to ask where are the Justin?
And the Turd is homogeneous splattering its filth and throttling them full of!
From his tail and his hips Bieber performs
Poop feathers of the rectum
I salute Justin’s hidden colon
and envy his scrupulous stench.
Be guided by the musical window’s fragrance of farts
an infinite mist of vapours
the demonic melody is moonlit from his tube
he play’s, squat’s, strain’s, and delivers his Bieber
from toilets and paper?
With a dark brown log
with grit in my fingernails
I stayed moist and firm, pressed in ember
in the channels
to the steady aromatic vapour.
Multitude of Bieber and discharge!
In and out of the dark, green and brown and free
protected and then stored in the basin
within the deep brown nose of the mud.