Moaning Sharon - Mona Lisa Pastiche Painting

Moaning Sharon – Mona Lisa DaDa Pastiche Painting.

Mona Lisa DaDa Poem
Your cigarette preserves from east to east
brings all the abolished ash
and amid my packet, during the sunset, I woke up smoking?
And full of fire.
It creates like a fountain outside the lighter
not the transparent match
when the twilight trusts the tattoo.
Inside the phosphorus ring with many bitter fingernails
a fog of jewellery
you trust in the land as in a sensual bottle
you, who is like a well-oiled goat among the relinquishing of many gods.
The noble cork coagulated
you see arm as sensible as the fizz
inside the grey anger of the glass
The eternity lights on its negligent flame
exciting crimson railroad tracks over the pendant.
A necklace of rituals!
In and out of the translucent,
Deep brown with the burnt ember and the green
I could perform imperfect gemstones?
Imbroglio, and bloodied stains,
from lockets and smoke
with a black cap
with stains in my eyeliner?
Among the torrential night of hollow glowing ends,
the callous white tube is secure on your lips
pacified and then preserved in the breath,
of your ultraviolet spark when you hold out your brow
to play lost prescriptions without shame.