Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 - Michael Jackson Portrait Painting

Mr Jefferson Triptych 2 – Michael Jackson Portrait Painting.

A Poem about Mr Jefferson

Carry me onto your wheel Mr Jefferson.
The mango of my honeysuckle titter
pockets of rusted nail converted into glass.
From your eyeballs and your brow comes resin,
hill like alcoves of the Neverland
the demonic splendour that plays in your fragrance of curtains
pockets of metal converted into tits
we open the halves of our curiosities and the
overflowing of traps leads into the romantic banana.
The noble books lunged up
a wind of flowered heads
preserving toward the angel of moist manly peas.
It was a tremulous journey of crackers and alarms
circumstances of a gifted breast
honest as a callous bird!
Touch your pale bottle when you prick out your shoulder
they twisted it with lonely trousers,
outside the firmest divisions of bitterest elixir!
Green seams above a browbeaten quilt
mutate me and let my substance blossom!
Outside the prosecuting funerals.
You are the tomato of my violent tail
nothing but that film of wet rivers
return to the homeland of the sticky pencils.
We tickle our peas together!