Princess Diana - The Face of an Angel

Princess Diana – The Face of an Angel

A Poem about the Peoples Princess

Your face is that of an angel,
You made our nation insane,
For the love we had within you,
It wasn’t you to blame.

The media all flocked around you,
and you tried to escape their claim,
but when they tried to catch you,
you wouldn’t play their game.

And now the legend surrounds you,
You look down upon us in fame,
How can we ever replace you?
We can’t it would be a shame.

That said, Kate Middleton has took on,
a similar kind of reign,
but I know we must not compare you,
I bet she finds it a pain.

The media said after you died,
that some people would never get over it,
but that was over the top
and mostly talking shit!
But I know we don’t need to tell you Dianna,
you of all angels know.
It was that kind of mentality,
that really killed you so.

Go and broadcast your personality cult propaganda elsewhere,
you absolute total bell ends!
But we are the ones that buy it,
so I guess we can be friends.

You lived for the media
and you died for it,
in a way it was the media that killed you,
with the help of us too.

Wait, media we forgive you,
come back we need you too,
please tell us the next time the duchess of Cambridge breaks wind,
or even has a poo.