The Arch Angel of Middleshire - Beautiful Kate Middleton Painting

It is rumored that her touch can make ugly people beautiful and turn the unfashionable into the stylish.

The Arch Angel of Middleshire – Beautiful Kate Middleton Painting

A Poem about the Duchess of Cambridge

Heavens above the Duchess has farted!
News just in the Duchess has farted,
the fart is believed to have occurred around 9.27 tomorrow morning,
Friends of the Duchess have said they are delighted,
on such wonderful news the nation rejoices,
And not a single subject isn’t bleeding with tears.

Media has its product back for it’s own lifetime.
Let’s go live to our royal commentator
and hang the bastard traitors who don’t breathe in deeply!
The sweet fruity vapor of royal currents engulfs us.
Heavenly ripples of farty mist descends.
First cinnamon, followed by cloves and then nuts.
A snazzy bouquet of aspirations,
prevent us all from puking our guts.
I am breathing deeper than anyone,
No I have breathed in even more.
Let’s breath in deeply together
and never breath out again!

Another Poem About The Duchess of Cambridge
In the middle of my nostril’s hair
during our holiday you are like a princess of party organising angels.
The light persevering from your wings.
Your dove is a silence filled with heavenly propellers of publicity
you see hair as essential as the sun
went fluttered in reflection
By a sisters rear end
the parenthetical amazing goddess,
wakes in the heavenly morning!
From her wing and dress awaken
fashion of the earth,
I saw how cameras are dedicated?
By the wide staring crowd
nothing but that curtain of journalists!
That life in its gracious presence is as endless as the countries pride
a sunshine
of a relative’s book written in bird feathers
I do not sob in the lenses of worn-out paper.
A torrential tabloid nipple.
The wedding breakfast continuing from my teapot
with its oily glitter we lick your platter.
Deep shallow royal day to my knees I pray!
Without you I think our peas would shrivel and die!