The Duchess of Hearts - Kate Middleton Parody

The Duchess of Hearts – Kate Middleton Parody

A Poem about the Duchess of Cambridge

Is it just you within me?
With your Duchess of Middleshire above,
like a reloaded Dianna inside us?

Dianna 2.0 cries the cynical jester,
soon to be hanged for treason.
Like a bitterly sucked sequel,
of rasping sweet fart like charms.

New people’s princess and pretty,
of the returning millennium since gone,
Oozing with familiar warmth, humanity and compassion,
through empty vacuums of media grace
and that wonderful way of putting people at ease,
before dispensing a little tease,
she tickles the nation’s tiny peas.
Deja vous Dianna please,
Here you go again on my knees.