The Face of an Angel - Duchess of Cambridge Parody

The Face of an Angel – Duchess of Cambridge Parody

A Poem About Kate Middleton

There are many shoes outside your halo
the image of the heavens, the power of the shine
neon vigils and tea stained conspirators
from her wings and her buttocks chime.
Queen of the earth!
And so its shards of PR will follow your curves
against the transparent soul, many neurotic followers
to the promising hope of the diamond shell,
affluent aspirational clouds of jam and biscuits
because we love you, love, outside the television and in the radio.
A love-like promotion
the soiled flag gave it honour
with its tear stained hanky, we cry.
To the bold colour of hand finished pottery
you stand my eternal obsession
like a changeless angel dipped in fresh batter.
To the human honest camera’s nipple.
Sometimes a piece of the glamour.
Warms like a mug in my hand
and a cheaply printed tea towel.
We look up beneath you.
We wish we could be you.
You are so much prettier than Camila.
Please be our Queen!