The Patriotic Comrade - Kim Young Un Parody

The Patriotic Comrade – Kim Young Un Parody.

A Poem dedicated to Kim Young Un – The Brilliant Comrade

In my nostril at twilight you are like my dead heart
in the depths of my tail – you are trending!
Still your delicate regard as though it were passion great leader,
the iridescent planetarium gave it patience
like the neon brick of firm wet remains.
You are the grape of my diluted leg
you reflect my bitten violence.
Like a great bird to your freshly laid porky buttocks
continuing the energy of your sweetness full of tears
they cracked it with wet-winged poison
of aquatic communist lust,
lasting gentleman peas are tickled, your kisses?
Lead me into exile and into your abyss
and a droplet of marble, with remnants of rubber!
Persevere on the aberrations that wait for you?
Filtering the motionless lips, striking the long end.
Please polish my fat closet.
Please send me a strand of your hair my brilliant comrade!