The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle - Kim Jong Un Parody

The Patriotic Comrade Puzzle – Kim Jong Un Parody.

A Poem about Kim Jong Un – “the Brilliant Comrade”

A brilliance of time is coddled in the moonlight evening
the strong and decisive man
he flows in the steady morning
his banner brimming from my brow
the round angelic one
sets in the brilliant morning.
No other comrade is enough to part me and fill me.
From the moonlight evening of your soft mysterious
a surge of solute brilliance.
That does not know why it flows and drips.
What resolute warmth –
paths for the sun and the moist lubrication?
You see flesh as aromatic as the thunder
I brush your eggs with a paint brush
because I love you, love, outside the water and in it too.
The brilliant comrade is inside me.
Can he come inside you too?